Term Description Notes
Active Frames The time that an attack, parry, i-frames, hyper armour, etc. is active.
Aggro The action of provoking enemies or NPCs into attempting to engage combat.
Attack Rating Damage before MV and Defense/Absorption are calculated.
AR modifiers increase the number before Defense/Absorption.
Abbreviation: AR
AP (Attack Power) in-game
Counter Hit A Thrust attack that lands during Counter frames.
Damage Damage dealt after Defense/Absorption are calculated.
Damage modifiers increase the number after Defense/Absorption.
Hardcap The point of no return for further investment in a Stat.
Hitstun The time period after being hit by an attack where one cannot move nor act. See details
Hyper Armor Hyper Armor prevents stagger while active given sufficient Poise. Abbreviation: HA
Hyper Mode The state of being <20% HP required to activate some Equipment.
Generally used to maximize power for glass cannon builds.
Morion Blade
Red Tearstone Ring
Motion Value Modifier to AR associated with the attack being used, used for all weapons.
Example: 103 MV = 3% more than AR. 400 AR would become 412.
Aux and Weapon Buffs
have separate MVs
Poise Modifier to Hyper Armour. See details
Poise Damage Poise Damage are hidden values that result in enemy stagger. Abbreviation: PD
Recovery Frames The time after active frames while still locked in an animation.
Roll Cancel Frames before an animation can be cancelled with a roll.
Softcap The point of diminishing returns for further investment in a Stat.
Soul Level A character's level; the term is a holdover from older games. Abbreviation: SL
Split Damage Damage split between two types, usually Physical and an Element. Elemental Equipment
Startup Frames The time it takes for active frames to take effect after an input is made.
True Combo A sequence of attacks that is guaranteed to connect if the first attack lands.
Example: Most weapon classes connect R1 > R1 against players and NPCs.
Generally specific to PvP,
or player-type NPCs


Common Abbreviations

Shorthand Definition Notes
1H One-handed Used to refer to how Equipment is held/used
2H Two-handed Used to refer to how Equipment is held/used
Abs Absorption
AoE Area of Effect Attacks that only have an effect within a certain area
ASS Anris/Astora Straight Sword Usually Astora Straight Sword
BF Black Flame
BFO Black Fire Orb
BKG Black Knight Glaive
BKGS Black Knight Greatsword
BKS Black Knight Shield/Sword Usually Black Knight Shield
BSS Barbed/Broken Straight Sword Usually Broken Straight Sword
BTSR Blue Tearstone Ring
BW Blessed Weapon
CB Chaos Blade
CBV Chaos Bed Vestiges
CC Crystal Chime
CCS Carthus Curved Sword
CFA Carthus Flame Arc
CGK Corvian Greatknife
Chain/Pris Prisoner's Chain
CGS Curved Greatswords
CKGS Cathedral Knight Greatsword/shield Depends on context
CMW Crystal Magic Weapon
CR2 Charged R2 Fully Charged
CS Curved Swords
CSR Crystal Sage's Rapier
CSS Crystal Soul Spear
DB Dark Blade/Divine Blessing Depends on context
DMB Darkmoon Blade
DSA Dragonslayer's Axe
DSGA Dragonslayer Greataxe
DSS Dragonslayer Spear
DSSS Dragonslayer Swordspear
EHP Effective Health Points The actual amount of damage needed to kill you factoring in
your Defense, Rings, and other mitigative factors
Ele Elemental
FaP/Favor Ring of Favor and Protection
FB Frayed Blade
FP Focus Points
FUGS Fume Ultra Greatsword
FS Fire Surge/Follower Sabre Depends on context
GA Greataxes
GC Great Combustion
GCFB/O Great Chaos Fire Orb Great Chaos Fire Ball in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II
GCS Great Corvian Scythe
GFS Gargoyle Flame Spear
GH Great Hammers
GMW Great Magic Weapon
GS Greatswords/Greatshields Depends on context
H(C)SM Homing (Crystal) Soulmass
HSGS Hollowslayer Greatsword
ISS Irithyll Straight Sword
KSR Knight Slayer's Ring
LA Lightning Arrow
LB Lightning Blade
LKGS Lothric Knight Greatsword
LKS Lothric Knight Sword
LR/Life Life Ring
LS Long Sword/Lightning Spear Usually Long Sword
MLGS Moonlight Greatsword
MW Magic Weapon
O & U or O + U Onikiri and Ubadachi
OWCS Old Wolf Curved Sword
PGS Painting Guardian's Curved Sword
PKCS Pontiff Knight Curved Sword
PvE Player vs Environment Referring to enemies or bosses rather than online play
PvP Player vs Player Referring to online play rather than enemies
QS Quickstep
Quills Crow Quills
RHH Red Hilted Halberd
RKPGS Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords
RKS Ringed Knight Spear
RKSS Ringed Knight Straight Sword
RTSR Red Tearstone Ring
Scar Demon's Scar
SGS Soul Greatsword
Shield/Sword Ring Lloyd's Shield/Sword Ring
SoW Shield of Want
SS Straight Swords
SSS Sunlight Straight Sword
Stake Lightning Stake
UGS Ultra Greatswords
WA Weapon Art Alternate name for Skills that may be performed with Equipment
WD While Dashing aka Running Attack
WKGS Wolf Knight's Greatsword
WP Washing Pole
WR/R While Rolling aka Rolling Attack



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