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Many of the pages make use of dataforms for easy creation. This means you don't need to worry about adding the css or much of the styling to each page.

However, this does mean you need to create pages in the correct way. To add a new page like this, you just add the name after the colon. So in the url you'd type the following

Then, so the wikidot internal links send people to the right page, you should add a redirect on the untemplated page, in this case it would be:

In which you add a Redirect module:

[[module Redirect destination=""]]

This means when somebody links the page like this: Example Covenant, it redirects them to the template page.

Editing a page containing a Redirect module can be done by using a URL like this one:

Warning: Do not directly include a page containing a Redirect module, i.e. don't do this:

 [[include example-covenant]]

For more info on redirects, see:


For pages that aren't automatically styled, you should add one of the templates below to work from.

For single pages generally do this:

@[[include general-page-css]]
[[div class="flex-container"]]
[[div class="flex-content"]] stuff...

For split pages, do this:

@[[include general-page-split-css]]
[[div class="flex-container"]]
[[div class="flex-left"]] left stuff...
[[div class="flex-right"]] right stuff...

Remove the @ in the code, that is just to prevent wikidot from loading the page here.


Depending on the weapon, add the follow templates under the upgrade heading:

New armor pages should use the formatting found in example-armor-page to keep the style consistant.

If you want to add an image to a page with the Image Code field (currently only locations), use the following for each image:

[[div class="flex-loc-tile"]]
[[image url width="75%" link="url"]]

"url" being your actual image link. The images will tile up to five per row, and then wrap around. For the actual link, I recommend uploading to the page and copying the file link so the file is stored on wikidot, rather than imgur or anything else.


  • The following content needs to be worked on:
    • Walkthroughs
    • Enemy HP/Souls, and drops
    • Bosses stats and strategies
    • Upgrade data for every weapon/shield/spell tool
    • Missing NPC dialogue
    • Missing descriptions
    • Missing area details
  • Add these tags to pages to identify objectives and issues we need to resolve:
    • missing-availability for missing information on where/how to find the subject matter
    • missing-description when the in-game-description is missing
    • missing-dialogue when npcs/bosses are missing dialogue
    • missing-image when the image is missing
    • missing-moveset when enemy moveset isn't complete or information for inputs of equipment moves is missing from movesets (check here for finished movesets)
    • missing-movesetvids for missing enemy or equipment moveset videos, upload directly to the pages. Templates here: here
      • Use WebM filetype, don't show HUD, make it clear visuals on PC with all settings on highest possible (no mods) at 1080p. Try to include audio with music disabled unless it's part of the battle (i.e. audio cue for Aldrich's phase two transition.)
      • Make short individual videos for each attack/attack string including any combos (i.e. R1 > R1 > R1 or L2 > R2, etc.) - See Claymore for example.
      • For enemies, try to record the attack while controlling the enemy via external tools and then fade transition into the enemy performing it in normal gameplay.
      • How to convert video footage to WebM:
      • No watermarks!
    • missing-stamina for missing stamina information, a template is provided here. See Demon's Scar for correct usage of this.
    • missing-stats for missing stat information (e.g. weapon scaling, enemy resistances, souls obtained on kill, etc)
    • missing-upgrades for missing information about possible upgrades
    • 115135-checked for when all information is completed, checked and verified with the recent patch (App 1.15, Regulation 1.35)


Container pages for different sets of images, used for linking images via url.

Pages used to set the css for most pages:

Dataform templates:

Remember editing these will modify every page using them.

Infobox template pages:

The css setup for the default elements can be found here.

Any css files can be found here.


The high resolution images used for stuff like items, weapons, etc, are extracted from the game. You'll need to use a program called iGP11 to do this. You can find it on Nexusmods here.

To get the images, configure iGP11 first, going to the Textures panel: set override mode to dumping and note where the dumping path is.

Launch the game with iGP11, and go to the dumping path directory. You'll see tons of .dds files appearing. The game will now dump new images as you encounter them ingame. For items, you can trigger this ingame by entering your inventory, switching to the lore panel and letting the big item image appear. In your dumping directory, sort by date to find the most recent files dumped. The latest one will be the item you just looked at.

Use this process to get the high resolution icons (512x512) for the items you want. Within iGP11, use the texture management tool to convert the .dds files you want to use.

Once you've extracted all the icons you need, you'll have .dds images. You need to convert these to .png, preserving the alpha channels as transparency to get a nice, crisp transparent image. Use a dds to png service like or something similar to do this quickly. This will give you a nice .png image you can upload to the wiki.


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