Ashen Estus Flask
Ashen Estus Flask
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Item Type Item Type Consumable
Maximum Held Max. Held 15
Maximum Stored Max. Stored

The Ashen Estus Flask is a tool that restores some FP when used.


Undead treasure these dull ashen flasks.

Fill with Estus at bonfires and drink to restore FP.

Quite befitting of an unkindled, an Ashen Estus Flask turns a bonfire's heat cold.


Drink to restore Focus Points.

The number of Ashen Estus Flasks you receive is related to the number of Estus Flasks you receive as well. It is possible to modify the ratio by going to Blacksmith Andre.

FP Restoration

Upgrade FP restored
+1 95
+2 110
+3 125
+4 140
+5 150
+6 160
+7 170
+8 180
+9 190
+10 200


Picked up in the tutorial section of the Cemetery of Ash, by the broken fountain.


  • The Ashen Estus Ring increases FP restored by 20%
  • The number of flasks is halved (rounded down) in when summoned or while invading.



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