Black Eye Orb
Black Eye Orb
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Item Type Item Type Unlimited Use
Maximum Held Max. Held 1
Maximum Stored Max. Stored

The Black Eye Orb is a tool that is only used during Ringfinger Leonhard's questline to invade him.


Arcane orb left on Rosaria's corpse.

Have faith her soul can be retrieved, by invading the world of her killer, and returning victorious.

The Black Eye is proof of vengeance, but often appears serene as it casts its gaze toward Irithyll.


Used to Invade Ringfinger Leonhard in the room above the Aldrich, Devourer of Gods bonfire (Gwynevere's bed chamber).


In Cathedral of the Deep, on Rosaria's corpse during Ringfinger Leonhard's questline.


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