Coiled Sword Fragment
Coiled Sword Fragment
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Item Type Item Type Unlimited Use
Maximum Held Max. Held 1
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 600
Sell Price Sell Price 3000

The Coiled Sword Fragment is a unique tool that can be used to return to the last bonfire rested at, or to the Firelink Shrine Bonfire. It has unlimited uses.


Fragment of the coiled sword of a bonfire which served its purpose long ago.

Returns caster to last bonfire used for resting, or to the bonfire in Firelink Shrine.

Can be used repeatedly.

Bonfires are linked to one another irreversibly, retaining their affinity long after their purpose is exhausted.


Can be used to warp to the last bonfire rested at or to the Firelink Shrine Bonfire. Unlimited use.


Inside the Untended Graves, in the center of the dark Firelink Shrine.


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