Homeward Bone
Homeward Bone
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Item Type Item Type Consumable
Maximum Held Max. Held 99
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 600
Buy Price Buy Price 500
Sell Price Sell Price 100

A Homeward Bone can be used to return to the last bonfire rested at, or to the Firelink Shrine Bonfire.


Bone fragment reduced to white ash.
Return to the last bonfire used for resting, or to the shrine bonfire.

Bonfires are sustained by the bones of the Undead. In rare cases, their previous owner's strong urge to seek bonfires enchants their bones with a homeward instinct.


Used to return to the last bonfire rested at, or to the Firelink Shrine Bonfire.



Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid for 500 Souls each.


Cemetery of Ash

Firelink Shrine

  • Three on top of the roof outside the shrine by the Giant Tree, reached either through a tricky tree jump or by using the Tower Key and making a drop down.

Undead Settlement

Road of Sacrifices

Cathedral of the Deep

  • Two behind the double doors past the first Giant Slave seen inside the cathedral.

Farron Keep

Smouldering Lake

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

  • Before the barrier leading inside Irithyll.
  • Three in front of a tombstone, at the end of the path opposite of the dark building past the Church of Yorshka Bonfire.

Irithyll Dungeon

Archdragon Peak

  • Two on a cliff ahead of where you first enter the area, by a Lightning Gem.

Grand Archives

  • Three on a balcony by the lever that exposes a chest with a Titanite Slab, shortly after the dark room.

Painted World of Ariandel

The Dreg Heap


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