Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone
Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone
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Item Type Item Type Unlimited Use
Maximum Held Max. Held 1
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 600
Sell Price Sell Price
Attribute Bonuses
Strength Icon Str. Dexterity Icon Dex. Intelligence Icon Int. Faith Icon Fth.

The Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone transforms the user's body into a dragon body. It also adds the ability to release a dragon roar and slam.


Stone imbued with the power of the everlasting dragons, offered to a towering dragon. This stone shows signs of a nascent light.

Gain the torso of a dragon and roar alongside an archdragon mirage. The transformation is irreversible until death.

Yet true imitation will require a dragon head, as well.


Transforms the body into a dragon body, including the head. This transformation can only be reverted by dying.

Adds +16.48 Magic, +32.66 Fire, and +16.48 Dark, and -15.44 Lightning Absorptions, as well as increasing Resistances by 60.

Activating the Dragon Torso Stone while transformed releases a dragon roar, increasing Physical AR and Aux by 21% for 7 seconds, alongside an archdragon mirage that slams with both its arms. 400 Standard Base AR.


In Archdragon Peak, after using the Path of the Dragon Gesture at the altar past the Great Belfry Bonfire.


Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone now belongs to the champion.


Ahh, this is unexpected.
Well, I've decided to stop running from my fate.
Loathe me all you like, I shall take what makes you dragon.

Loathe me all you like, but I am the true dragon…

Ahh, there you are.
This shall be no petty theft.
As the true dragon, I shall take what is rightfully mine.

Hawkwood, in the Farron Mausoleum

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