Young White Branch
Young White Branch
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Item Type Item Type Consumable
Maximum Held Max. Held 10
Maximum Stored Max. Stored 600
Buy Price Buy Price 1,000
Sell Price Sell Price 100

The Young White Branch is a tool that can be used to transform into an environmental object.


A young white branch.

Use to transform into something which blends in to the surroundings.

Little Dusk's first sorcerer's staff eventually became a seedling, and then three white birch saplings. The young branch is said to still contain echos of little Dusk's capriciousness.


Transforms the player into an object that suits their current environment. Same effect as the Chameleon sorcery.



Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid for 1,000 souls each after giving her Xanthous Ashes.


Looted from the area around white birches through the world.


There are two versions of the Young White Branch with unique flavor text.

The first one can be chosen as a Burial Gift during character creation:

Branch of a white birch received from somebody.
Apparently, this was once a token of friendship.

Use to become something that blends into the
surroundings, though the branch will
unfortunately be consumed.

Perhaps treasuring the memory is more

The second one can be received by making peace with the Undead Settlement Giant:

Branch of a white birch received from a giant,
apparently as a token of friendship.

Become something that blends in to the
surroundings. Consumed with use.

"Good friend, no hit"

The player won't be targeted by the giant's arrows while having the branch given by the giant or the one obtained as a burial gift in the inventory.


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