Tools refers to all items listed in-game in the inventory tab of the same name.

List of Tools

Tool Effect Acquisition
Soul of Rosaria

Can be used to gain 5,000 souls, to revive Rosaria, or transpose it into Bountiful Sunlight.

Obtained by invading and defeating Ringfinger Leonhard with the Black Eye Orb.

Soul of Sister Friede

Can be transposed into either Friede's Great Scythe or the Rose of Ariandel.

Reward for defeating Sister Friede.

Soul of Slave Knight Gael

Can be transposed into either Gael's Greatsword or the Repeating Crossbow.

Reward for defeating Slave Knight Gael.

Soul of the Blood of the Wolf

Can be transposed into either the Farron Greatsword or the Wolf Knight's Greatsword.

Reward for defeating the Abyss Watchers.

Soul of the Dancer

Can be transposed into either the Dancer's Enchanted Swords or the Soothing Sunlight miracle.

Reward for defeating the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

Soul of the Deacons of the Deep

Can be transposed into either the Cleric's Candlestick or the Deep Soul sorcery.

Reward for defeating the Deacons of the Deep.

Soul of the Demon Prince

Can be transposed into either the Demon's Scar or the Seething Chaos pyromancy.

Reward for defeating the Demon Prince.

Soul of the Lords

Can be transposed into either the Firelink Greatsword or the Sunlight Spear miracle.

Reward for defeating the Soul of Cinder.

Soul of the Nameless King

Can be transposed into either the Storm Curved Sword, the Dragonslayer Swordspear or the Lightning Storm miracle.

Reward for defeating the Nameless King.

Soul of the Old Demon King

Can be transposed into either the Old King's Great Hammer or the Chaos Bed Vestiges pyromancy.

Reward for defeating the Old Demon King.

Soul of the Rotted Greatwood

Can be transposed into either the Hollowslayer Greatsword or Arstor's Spear.

Reward for defeating the Curse-rotted Greatwood.

Soul of the Twin Princes

Can be transposed into either Lorian's Greatsword or Lothric's Holy Sword.

Reward for defeating the Twin Princes.

Soul of Yhorm the Giant

Can be transposed into either Yhorm's Great Machete or Yhorm's Greatshield.

Reward for defeating Yhorm the Giant.

Stalk Dung Pie

Can be thrown backwards at an enemy to inflict toxic build-up.

Can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid for 50 souls each, after giving her the Excrement Covered Ashes.

Sunlight Medal

Can be offered to the Altar of Sunlight in Lothric Castle to increase the allegiance to the Warriors of Sunlight.

Received for fulfilling duties as a Warrior of Sunlight. Dropped from Lothric Knights in Lothric Castle.

Thank you Carving

Says "Thank you" when thrown on the ground.

Received from the Nestling in return for a Hidden Blessing.

Throwing Knife

Can be thrown at enemies to inflict physical damage.

Sold by Greirat or by the Shrine Handmaid for 20 souls each.

Twinkling Dragon Head Stone

Gain dragon head and breath until death.

Received for defeating Hawkwood at the end of his questline.

Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone

Gain the torso of a dragon and roar alongside an archdragon mirage.

Pray to the dragon in Archdragon Peak using the same dragon-gesture you used to enter the area initially.

Undead Bone Shard

Can be burned at the Firelink Shrine bonfire to increase the level of all Estus Flasks.

Found in various places. See the item page for details.

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