Toxic Mist


Unique pyromancy of Eingyi that never gained currency in the Great Swamp.

Creates an intense poison mist.

Driven from the Great Swamp, they say that at the end of his journey, Eingyi happened upon a virulent poison and a young lady.


Creates an intense poison mist


Found in a lava pool in the Smouldering Lake

From the Demon's Ruins bonfire head down the staircase and then right. Go down another staircase which is guarded by 3 enemies and turn right again.
Head to the end of the room and turn right again into a long hallway with a rat.
Kill / Avoid the rat and take the first turn right into a room with walls covered by roots and 3 additional rats.
Opposite of the entrance to this room is an illusory wall which can be attacked.
Turn left in the next room and head down a small staircase to your left. In this lava puddle the item closest to you is the pyromancy scroll.


As the item is located in the lava, casting Flash Sweat and equipping the Flame Stoneplate Ring is recommended. Estus recovery will be necessary to survive the retrieval process.

Toxic Mist
weapon_art_cost.png 30
attunement_slots.png 1
weapon_type.png Area of Effect
weapon_category.png Pyromancy
sell_price.png 0
faith.png 15
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