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Archdeacon's Great Staff

Court Sorcerer's Staff

  • Dropped by a Mimic in the Profaned Capital. To find the mimic, start from the Profaned Capital bonfire. Drop down to the lower part of the tower, and exit through the hole in the wall. Continue past the gargoyle and through the passageways into the toxic swamp. Once in the swamp, head to the ladder on the side of the chapel. Ascend and continue foward until you reach a hole that enters the chapel. Enter to find a Monstrosity of Sin and the Mimic behind the central pillar.

Heretic's Staff

  • Found on a corpse on the Road of Sacrifices. From the Crucifixion Woods bonfire, head into a hole in the wall of the ruins, towards the Crystal Sage. Upon entering the first room, you will find the staff on a corpse to the right, under the second floor. This room is before the bridge above the swamp on the way to the boss.

Izalith Staff

Treasure in the Demon Ruins area of Smouldering Lake.

From the Demon Ruins bonfire, proceed through the ruins to the hallway with several Demon Clerics in. Pass through and to the right into the passageway with a rat. Take the right and continue forward, hitting the wall in front of you to reveal another passageway.

Proceed forward and drop down into the area with the giant rat. Turn to the right and attack to reveal another illusory wall, attack again to reveal a third illusory wall and a ledge. Drop down on to the ledge to find the staff.

Located behind an illusory wall next to the giant rat, on a ledge above a group of basilisks.

Man-grub Staff

Mendicant's Staff

Murky Longstaff

Found in The Dreg Heap: from the Dreg Heap bonfire, proceed through the level, falling into the church from above.

Once in the church, continue through and out past the Angel attacking you. Enter the chapel with the Overgrown Lothric Knights, exit on the opposite side and head to the right. Continue up the steps into the building and run to the back to find the weapon on a corpse, surrounded by many Murkmen.

Preacher's Right Arm

Found in The Ringed City: on a corpse by the ruined spire on the right-hand side of the swamp area by the Ringed City Streets bonfire.

Sage's Crystal Staff

Sorcerer's Staff

Storyteller's Staff

Witchtree Branch


Canvas Talisman

Saint's Talisman

Sunless Talisman

Sunlight Talisman

  • Found in the swamp near to Farron Keep, next to a pot of Estus Soup.


White Hair Talisman

  • Found on a corpse at the back of a lava pit, behind an illusory wall in Smouldering Lake.

Here is how I was able to get it:

Now you are as ready as you're going to be. Run towards the item and take a drink of estus approximately every three steps. Your first strides can be longer, but once you pause to drink, you will need to be disciplined and count your steps. Once you've collected the item, you need not bother attempting to return to safety.


Caitha's Chime

Cleric's Sacred Chime

Crystal Chime

Priest's Chime

Sacred Chime of Filianore

Given by Shira, Knight of Filianore upon talking to her from behind the closed doors in the Ringed City and accepting her request to put Darkeater Midir to rest.

Saint-tree Bellvine

Yorshka's Chime


Pyromancer's Parting Flame

  • On a body at Priscilla's tower. This area is accessible through an illusory wall in the large room filled with Giant Flies under the Chapel, after the Snowy Mountain Pass.
  • Hit the illusory wall, make your way outside then drop down the roots. The item is at the bottom.

Pyromancy Flame


Heysel Pick

Golden Ritual Spear


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