Vitality is an Attribute that influences the weight of gear one can effectively wield and Defenses.

In-Game Description

Icon Description
Vitality Icon Attribute governing physical defense, though this is also affected by other attributes.
Also governs maximum equip load and poison resistance.


Equip Load

Increases by 1 per point, with a base of 40 Equip Load at 0.

Physical Defense

Between 0 and 15, grants .33 Physical Defense each. Between 15 and 25, 1.7 each. Between 26 and 40, 1.2. Reduces after.

Poison Resistance

Between 30 and 40, grants 3 Poison Resistance each. Between 40 and 60, .5 each. Reduces after.


Source Increase Other Effects
Prisoner's Chain +5 +5 VIG/END -4% Absorption

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