Icon Name Damage Skill Durability Weight Requirements
Availability Reinforcement Material Special Note
Notched-Whip.png Notched Whip 95/0/0/0/0
Bleed 30
Impact 50 2.0 6/19/0/0
Cathedral of the Deep treasure. Regular
Rose-of-Ariandel.png Rose of Ariandel
Bleed 34
Awakening 50 3.5 10/12/0/17
Transposed from Soul of Sister Friede. Boss Hammer Moveset.
Casts Miracles.
Spotted-Whip.png Spotted Whip 102/0/0/0/0
Poison 36
Impact 50 2.5 9/20/0/0
Undead Settlement treasure. Regular
Whip.png Whip 90/0/0/0/0
Impact 50 2.0 6/14/0/0
Undead Settlement treasure. Regular
Witch-s-Locks.png Witch's Locks 77/0/80/0/0
Flame Whip 50 3.0 9/17/12/12
Grand Archives treasure. Unique
  • When wielding a weapon with two hands, Strength is multiplied by 1.5x for meeting requirements and Scaling damage.
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